KIDDYLICIOUS  - the best possible snacks for your little one

Kiddylicious Snacks needed to achieve listings in all major UK supermarkets. That meant growing brand awareness and creating consumer demand for the range. That’s where we came in. We brought the pack characters to life in an animated TV ad which we targeted at mums of toddlers on Facebook, Nick Jr. and before every ‘Toddler Time’ screening at Picturehouse Cinemas. And we made sure there were plenty of samples to go around as well. Not just for mum and baby – but for journos too. Did it work? Big time.



William Murray understood our business and our industry like no one else. We had a short window of opportunity and William Murray helped us capitaliseon it – achieving listings in every major supermarket in the UK, substantially growing our sales, and paving the way for our international rollout.

Director, Kiddylicious


150 million units sold each year

240%increase in turnover since 2009

#13 in sundaytimes smeexport track 2017

sold in 22 countries