In 2015, KNORR held the lion’s share of the bouillon market. But with so many products around – it wouldn't last forever. So Unilever Food Solutions developed the KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon range. The innovative new format gave chefs the ‘from scratch’ taste and performance they needed. We knew chefs would love it if we could get it into their hands. So we launched a teaser campaign before it was even available. And to add some serious credibility, we secured top chef Mark Sargeant to put his name to it – in print, video and in person. He even rolled up his sleeves at The Restaurant Show pre-launch. So by the time the product was ready for sale, it was already flying off the shelves. Bidfood described it as ‘the best prepared launch we’ve ever seen’.



Customers are still talking about having Mark Sargeant on our stand. It’s been a great way to introduce the product to customers.

Iwan Phillips, Unilever Food Solutions


3,500 samples distributed in first 3 months

4,000 cases sold in first two weeks

19% click through rate

200,000 video views in first 5 months