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Delve Insights 

Listen. Analyse. Influence.  

A first for foodservice, Delve Insights is an intelligent social listening service that can give you the competitive edge. This clever insight tool will help you understand what your audience has to say about you, your competitors, and your market in general.  

To start, we listen to gather insight. Then we delve deep and analyse the data to give real insight so that you can understand the market better and develop your marketing strategy to influence conversations and drive sales. 

We monitor and analyse all online conversations across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums and news websites. 

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Use Delve to create bespoke research for you and your clients and receive unique insights to gain market advantage. Collect and act upon the data that’s most important to you.   

Make informed decisions with real insights. Take advantage and see some real business results. 

Why leave it up to guesswork?  

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Business benefits 

  • Bespoke insights on the topics, countries and audiences of your choice  

  • Access to research that nobody in B2B foodservice or hospitality currently has 

  • Listen to what your audience is saying about your sector 

  • A cost-effective way to inform and build your sales and marketing strategy by listening to what your audience actually wants and needs 


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