Noetic - own the guest Take back bookings

Getting hotels to tear up the rule book on how they fill their rooms is not easy. Particularly when you’re the new kid on the block. 

We started by giving Noetic a very honest appraisal of its current messaging and marketing. Then we orchestrated a full blown industry takeover – landing with a message that would get them noticed and using language their audience would understand. From a cover wrap on the TheCaterer Technology Prospectus to a disruptive presentation at HOSPACE – supported with aggressive online advertising – we got the industry to think about who really owns the guest relationship, and reconsider their relationship with OTAs.

As a result, Noetic has won valuable partnerships with global equity research firm AB Bernstein and Google Hotel Ads. Not bad for three months’ work…


“Convincing hotels to rethink strategies they’ve become very accustomed to is no mean feat, which is why we appointed William Murray. The team understand this industry like no-one else and they’re experts at cutting through complexity to reveal clarity.”

Matt Mills
CEO & CO-Founder, Noetic


1 Industry takeover

50 Industry influencers 

Google Accredited google hotel advert partner

602,309 Clicks to website through native advertising