All in Good Taste #4: Brands on the Brexit bandwagon


Welcome to your latest All in Good Taste, the monthly round up of PR gold stars and faux pas.  

Whether we like it or not, Brexit is the word on everyone’s lips. 29 March AKA “Brexit day” has been and gone and we’re still none the wiser. Brands have jumped on the bandwagon, with a mixture of creative and downright distasteful campaigns – from food stockpiling loans to Brexit boxes.   

Talking of Brexit, have you heard what our new social listening tool, Delve Insights, found about consumer Brexit concerns

Elsewhere, McDonald’s snubs coffee snobs in its latest ingenious ad promoting its back to basics campaign.  


Peachy’s rotten ad pulled

In an ill-fated campaign to entice customers amid Brexit uncertainty, short term loan company encouraged consumers to take out loans so they could stockpile for potential food shortages. Unsurprisingly, the ad was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), rightly deemed “irresponsible” and leaving a bad taste in our mouths.  



Nothing compares to EU

Worried how you’ll get your hands on truffle oil or Nduja spread post-Brexit? Not to fear, DIFORTI’s ‘Brexit Box’ is here. With the future of food imports under serious question, the Italian delicatessen has packaged up a box of tasty essentials in case continental products become harder to find.  

After all, DIFORTI warns that the price of olives has hit a seven-year high, and an impending cheese shortage looms. The gouda news just keeps on coming! (sorry)  

Ingenious marketing method or a distasteful deal? We honestly can’t decide. One thing’s for sure – we're hungry. Someone pass the bread and olives? 


A cheap shot?

In the latest ad promoting its back to basics coffee approach, McDonald’s mugs off pretentious coffee drinkers in a series of hilarious scenarios. 

Expect hipster coffee scientists, pretentious coffee connoisseurs and an interpretative dance. Yep, prepare for a roasting.   

While some may call it a cheap shot, they’ve hit the habits right on their head and successfully snubbed the coffee snobs in the 60 second ad.