Food Tech Tuesday: A passion for plant-based

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"Our appetite for all things plant-based is firmly increasing. But what meat alternatives are hot on the high street? "

Plant-based is booming. This month alone, news broke of Nestlé launching the Awesome Burger in the States, renowned London steak restaurant group M opening their very own, wait for it… vegetarian restaurant, Raw, and Scotland playing host to the UK’s first ‘vegan hotel’

Research from our own social listening tool, Delve, highlighted this year’s Veganuary generated 50,305 mentions on social media. And apparently, more than one-third (34%) of British meat-eaters cut their meat consumption in the six months to July 2018 following a flexitarian approach - up from 28% in 2017[1].

Our appetite for all things plant-based is firmly increasing. 

But what plant-based alternatives are hot on the high street? In this month’s Food Tech Tuesday bog, we take a look at three of the meat-free alternatives that are creating a stir.


William Murray client Quorn kicked off 2019 with the launch of *that* Gregg’s vegan sausage roll. Now it’s their KFC Imposter burger that’s getting us excited. Available to begin with from select KFC sites, the burger is getting rave reviews. It’s not hit Croydon or Brighton yet, but we can’t wait to try this one. 


New kid on the block This launched into Patty & Bun UK-wide with its Isn’t Bacon Rashers and Isn’t Chicken Goujons at the start of this month. The bacon (in Patty & Bun’s new vegan Pamela burger) was slightly questionable, but the nuggets really, really hit the spot. The UK-based start up is set to launch several products, all high in protein, vitamin B12 and iron, nationwide in Holland & Barrett and through Ocado. Keep your eyes peeled from July. 

Beyond Meat

Hot off the heels of its bleeding burger, Beyond Meat has launched a hot dog which it says tastes just like its pork equivalent. According to bosses, sunflower seeds are the key to replicating the ‘porky’ taste and texture. For the moment, it’s available at London’s Unity Diner. And if it’s the original you love, there’s good news as Byron has launched two new burgers with the patty: The Truffler and the Cali Cheese. 

[1]Mintel, Global New Products Database