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The power to turn insight into action

“Social media listening  is an endless source of real time customer insight. You can listen and track data from digital conversations to find new opportunities, create actionable insights and share targeted, relevant content to influence your audience.

I’m going to start this blog with a question. We have all dreamt of having a superpower bestowed upon them. Or is that just me? But if you could have any superpower, what would it be?  

I understand that not all superpowers are created equal. But, consider this. 

What if you could listen to millions of conversations your customers are having, at the touch of a button? What if you could accurately predict the type of content and offers that will influence their decision to buy or stay loyal to your brand? 

Well that day could be closer than you think. Say hello to Delve Insights - our intelligent social listening insight tool.  

In a first for foodservice. Delve Insights gives you the competitive edge. We’ve developed this clever tool to help you understand what your audience has to say about you, your competitors, and your market in general.  

Use Delve Insights to create bespoke research for you and your clients and receive unique insights to gain market advantage. Collect and act upon the data that’s most important to you.  

When you can make informed decisions with real insights, why would you leave it up to guesswork?  

To give you an idea of the power of Delve Insights, we tapped into the online conversations taking place around Brexit and food.  


Listening is powerful. Insight is priceless.  

Get in touch with our expert team to learn how we can help you gain a competitive edge.    To understand more on what’s being said about you and your competitors, get in touch with our specialist team.

Greggs’ vegan sausage roll most talked about during Veganuary

With 50,305 mentions, it was a widely debated topic with the majority (75%) of consumers conscious of health benefits”

In light of booming success in the vegan market (such as Greggs’ recent £1bn milestone thanks to its vegan sausage roll), our research has tapped into ‘Veganuary’ – a month-long veganism challenge during January which saw a record 250,000 sign ups this year.(1)   

Using our social listening tool, Delve Insights, our team kept track of what people were saying online about the much-anticipated month. After weeks of indulgence over the Christmas period, Veganuary was a welcome change for many, who considered it as a personal challenge for 2019.  

McDonald’s and M&S were quick off the mark to announce new vegan-friendly products in January, with vegan Happy Meals and the Plant Kitchen ranges appearing on shelves across the country. But it was Greggs that won the battle of the brands for NPDs with its vegan friendly sausage roll, owning 67% of product mentions.  

When it came to brand share of voice, plant-based meat alternatives Oumph and Quorn were the top two most talked about brands over Veganuary, proving the nation’s willingness to adopt plant-based proteins in place of meat. This was also true for individual ingredients, with tofu (44%) and jackfruit (34%) popular choices.  

So, why did people take part? With 50,305 mentions, it was a widely debated topic with the majority (75%) of consumers conscious of health benefits and 16% talking about environmental impact. What’s more, the social listening tool saw a spike in Veganuary conversations around on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings – times of the week where health is more likely to be front of mind.  

Overall, Veganuary was generally well-received online, with more than two-thirds (64%) considering the month-long lifestyle challenge a positive change. Cities known for their cosmopolitan culture - London, Manchester, Brighton and Bristol - were most vocal and positive on Twitter.   

To understand more on what’s being said about you and your competitors, get in touch with our specialist team.

See below for an infographic of our findings:   


Bisto gives competitors a roasting as UK’s most talked about gravy

Bisto was the consumers’ go-to gravy brand for the festive period, with 66.5% share of voice, followed by Oxo (24.3%), Maggi (7.5%), Knorr (1.2%) and Kallo (0.6%). 


Using social data from the 2018 Christmas period, we kept track of what people said about gravy and the foods they associate with it and the go-to gravy brands for that perfect roast or winter warmer. After all, what would Christmas be without gravy?

Managing director Dave Greenwood said: “We have developed a new social listening tool, Delve. This means we can keep our ears close to the ground on what consumers are talking about online, as there’s a great deal we and our clients can learn from these conversations and attitudes.

“During Christmas 2018, over 2,000 unique UK authors spoke about gravy. It’s clear the traditional, iconic Christmas dinner is still just as important to consumers, and it has been interesting to understand their preferences for the biggest meal of the year.”

When it came to perfect flavour combinations, UK consumers had their eyes on the festive prize – turkey. It was by far the most popular meat mentioned alongside gravy, (68.6%), followed by beef (14.6%), chicken (11.8%), lamb (3.3%) and duck (1.6%). 

Further proving the nation’s obsession with the traditional Christmas Day roast, the most popular keywords used alongside gravy were ‘Christmas’, ‘dinner’, ‘roast’, ‘xmas’, ‘turkey’, ‘stuffing’ and ‘potatoes’. Consumers also enjoyed posting about their Christmas dinners, with the biggest spike in traffic on 25 December between 4-6pm.


In true 2018 fashion, the topic of veganism was front of mind for many. In posts discussing special dietary requirements, 56.4% mentioned veganism, followed by vegetarianism (29.9%) and gluten free (13.7%). 

Through Delve we can understand social trends and influence at play and use this unique insight to map out a client’s marketing strategy based on real time information. 

Want to know more about how Delve can give you unique insights into your brand, competitors or customers? Or how we can help you understand more about a category and what’s really being said about it? Then pull up a chair.