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Ice cream will be the next big sweet trend. Guaranteed.
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“We’re certain ice cream’s going to be the next big trend. Why? Because it covers every other major trend imaginable.”

Summer may officially be over, but ice cream is the only thing on our mind. Like an overeager ice cream man, it just won’t leave us alone.


We’re certain it’s going to be the next big trend, whatever the weather. Why? Because it covers every other major trend imaginable.



First up, indulgence. Our world is full of more fitness freaks and health conscious consumers than ever before. But, all of that looking after yourself means when you do have a treat, you really indulge yourself.


Ice cream is pure indulgence. Scoop on top of scoop (on top of scoop) of pure naughty goodness. So, as more of us want to indulge, more of us will fancy a scoop or two.



The next big trend of this year and beyond: bright colours. We’re simpler people than you may think, and just like magpies with any remotely shiny object, we are immediately drawn to bright colours, especially when it comes to the sweeter side of food.


And is there anything in this world more colourful than an ice cream bar? It’s enough to make a rainbow blush. Which, in all fairness, would just make the whole rainbow a bit redder…



Flexitarians, both veggie and vegan, are continuing to grow in number. This means flexi-innovations and vegan-friendly NPD are continuing to grow right there with them.


Brands are adding flexi options to their ranges, often with sorbets leading the way. But, the fully vegan ice cream scene is certainly growing. There’s an influx of flexi-friendly flavours and favourites finding their way into the market. And that’s just a taste of the alliteration we could put in this blog, but we’ll leave it at that.



OK, it’s a big ‘ish’, but ice cream is jumping on the health bandwagon. An ice cream is unlikely to ever be truly healthy, but healthier options are popping up more often. Low calorie, dairy alternatives, protein-filled – you name it, ice cream claims it.


This is an even better option for the sweet-tooth-having health-conscious consumer, who can still indulge, but without the guilt.



What was your favourite ice cream growing up? I was always partial to a Screwball. It sounded a bit rude when you ordered it and it meant I could sneak in some bubble-gum without anyone knowing. Win-win.


I ask because ice cream is nostalgic, and while the industry innovates and changes with every passing month, people adore nostalgia. They love the familiar with the crazy, because as much as we all want to try something new, we all have our favourites. Even if my childhood passion for Screwballs hasn’t stood the test of time.


That’s what makes ice cream so special, it’s as nostalgic as it is new.


On the go

Cone or cup, ice cream is designed to be enjoyed on the go. With the buzz around street food just continuing to grow, consumers always want food that they take with them. The days of sitting down and taking a break are long gone. We’re all far too busy for that.


A platform for future trends

Above all else, ice cream is a platform for flavour. On our searches we’ve seen everything from bacon to mayonnaise flavoured ice cream. This means whatever the next big flavour trend is (hopefully not mayo), ice cream can provide it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


This is just the tip of the understandably chilly iceberg. Ice cream will come back as one of the leading figures in sweet treats in the near future. And we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. If we’re wrong, the Screwballs are on us.